We are proud to offer courteous, friendly service everyday. Every person at HeathShield Pharmacy genuinely cares for your health and well-being. Exceptional care to every customer - that's our promise. Here are just some of the many services which make our pharmacy, YOUR pharmacy! 



At HeathShield Pharmacy, we go beyond simply providing medication handouts when you fill a prescription with us.


Instead, we provide every patient with individualized medication counseling and education! After all, if you don't know your medication, how do you know what questions to ask about it?


It is our duty to thoroughly check and ensure that every prescription is right for you! This includes checking for allergies, drug interactions, and if you can save money by switching to a generic variant. 


Flu care for the whole family, from people you can trust.


Flu vaccinations are availible at our pharmacy to patients 5 years old and up. It’s the clean, convenient way to keep your family — and everyone around them — protected against the flu. 


The Flu vaccination is fully covered through your HealthCard (OHIP). 




From our pharmacy straight to YOUR DOOR! We are proud to offer FREE delivery anywhere in Canada


Are you forgetting to remember if you've taken your medication?


We understand that medication dosage can be confusing, especially if you're taking more than one medication. This is especially true if you are taking them multiple times a day. 


Compliance packing is one of our most useful and helpful services at our pharmacy. Each package is made with a one week supply of medication - with different time splots throughout the day to seperate your medication doses. 


This helps you keep track of when you should take your next medication, as well as help you keep track of WHEN to take your medications. 


Contact us today to enroll in our Compliance Package service and get FREE delivery straight to your door! 




Forgetting to call in your prescription refill? Speak to our pharmacist today and enroll in our Auto-Refill service. We will automatically prepare, check, package, and even deliver your prescriptions automatically so they're always ready when you need them!


We understand how hard life can get as you age. We offer a wide variety selection of products from which to choose when selecting home medical equipment. We offer rentals, special orders, and free delivery of equipment to surrounding areas (restrictions apply). 

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